*** Stunts REBORN ***

Stunts REBORN is upcoming remake of classic arcade racing simulation Stunts by Distinctive software. Remake's goal is to recreate beloved game to high resolution, but preserving unique visual style and gameplay. It will be fully compatible with original maps, so if you dig some floppies from your basement, you can ride your old creations on modern hardware.

Game will be available on PC (Windows, Linux), Mac and Android.

Stunts REBORN is built on Unity engine so hardware specs will surely be slightly higher than original, but we will make our best to optimize game well so it can run even on low-end hardware.

Release date:
Release date was not decided yet, there is lot of work to be done. There will be public technical demo on-line soon. Stay tuned.

Do you want to support development of Stunts REBORN? You can send us a , every amount will help. Later we will be opening closed beta-test for hardcore fans. You can apply for beta invitation using form below.

Social networks:
You can follow development of remake on Facebook and Twitter.

You can take a look on some juicy screenshots on our Tumblr page. YouTube channel will be available soon.

Beta-tester application form:
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